Basement Windows

Basements can be difficult to keep warm. Old and inefficient windows can cost you heat and money. By upgrading your windows, you can save yourself hundreds of dollars a year with improved energy efficiency and light. If you are a landlord, local fire codes require that you meet the standards and guidelines to protect your renters in the event of a fire.

CANPRO Windows can install basement windows that not only add light but meet all the energy standards and building requirements.

Basement Windows Single Pane 4mm Glass Double Pane 4mm Glass Triple Pane 3mm Glass
Glass 1 coating Low-E 180 Low-E 272 Low-E 180
Glass 2 coating Clear Clear Clear
Glass 3 coating Low-E 180
GAs Filled Argon Argon Argon
U-factor metric 1.52 1.49 1.12
U-factor Imperial 0.27 0.26 0.20
R-Value 3.74 3.81 5.07
Solar Heat Gain 0.44 0.32 0.36
Air Leakage 0.105 0.105 0.105
ER ratings 32 25 36


Basement windows are a quick way to add light to your basement. CANPRO offers many design options so you can find the right window at the right price.

  • Our basement windows are made using tough aluminum screen framing and fibreglass mesh.
  • Avoid drafts with three layers of weather stripping paired with triple-pane glazing that will keep your basement warm and dry.
  • The collapsible lock and handle make it easy to open and close curtains and blinds while the crank out open from the bottom ensures no rain or debris gets into your home.
  • We can custom build any window to meet building and fire codes.
  • Our selection of wood trims will enhance the look of your living space or easily match your existing window details.

Basement Windows That Will Keep You Warm

Remember basement windows don’t have to be boring. Our design team can create a look that will match your existing home esthetic and create a warm and inviting space for your family and guests.

Contact CANPRO to get your free estimate and design consultation.

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