Awning Windows Installation and Replacement

Did you know that the position of a window opening is just as important as the location? Awning windows are one of the most efficient window options for your home, particularly in kitchens and bathrooms where there can be a build-up of moisture. Awning windows provide enhanced airflow, eliminating condensation when open and an airtight and waterproof seal when closed. They are also ideal for areas that get a lot of rain and wind as the 45-degree angle provides added protection. Due to their narrow design, awning windows are also a great choice to enhance security and prevent break-ins.


Awning Windows Single Pane 4mm Glass Double Pane 4mm Glass Triple Pane 3mm Glass
Glass 1 coating Low-E 180 Low-E 272 Low-E 180
Glass 2 coating Clear Clear Clear
Glass 3 coating Low-E 180
GAs Filled Argon Argon Argon
U-factor metric 1.52 1.49 1.12
U-factor Imperial 0.27 0.26 0.20
R-Value 3.74 3.81 5.07
Solar Heat Gain 0.44 0.32 0.36
Air Leakage 0.105 0.105 0.105
ER ratings 32 25 36



Our installation includes:

  • Weather stripping to ensure an airtight fit
  • Perfectly fitted flashing
  • The window is security placed inside the frame
  • A final inspection to guarantee there are no drafts.


Awning Windows – Added Security to Your Home

Don’t forget the multi-point locking system also gives you added security and peace of mind. We exclusively use the latest and top of the line German URBAN machinery in our window production.

Installation is easy as awning windows can easily fit into existing window frames and fittings.

Our team of experts will ensure that your comfort and style is carefully considered throughout the entire installation process.


Remember there are several factors to consider when choosing if awning windows are right for your home. Avoid using awning windows in high traffic areas where people may walk into them.

Do not use awning windows in spaces where the window may be a fire escape as they do not offer a lot of space to crawl through.

Contact CANPRO to discuss how awning windows can enhance the look of your home.

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