Windows Privacy and Decorative Options

Customizing your windows is more than choosing paint colours. CANPRO offers you added privacy and security with our stunning frosted and grid patterns.

Privacy Glass is a great option for windows that do not have drapery or for areas of your home such as bathroom windows or showers. They also make a great privacy choice for windows that are in the line of sight of passersby.

Choosing a frosted glass is also a great option for office spaces such as doctor or dentist offices. Give your clients the privacy they deserve without compromising the professional and sophisticated look of your office.


Choose from a large selection of clarity levels and patterns including:

  • Geometric – patterned glass that creates a stunning effect
  • Satin – a sleek and soft finish that gives the feeling of being in a spa
  • Chord – perfect for added privacy
  • Rain Glass – the feeling of being in the middle of the rainforest with gentle rain falling around you.
  • Granite – beautiful and functional. An excellent option for privacy on any window on your home.

Customizable Patterns and Design

Simply choose your preferred level of opacity and texture and then enjoy the peaceful seclusion.

Add additional charm and security to your home stunning grid patterns, designed to provide privacy and a unique design feature for your home. Don’t settle for just a simple square grid pattern. Pick from an assortment of customizable patterns and playful design options that will enhance the beauty of your home.

Contact CANPRO today to get a free estimate and let our team help create a ‘picture perfect’ look for your windows.

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