Vinyl Windows – All you need to know

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If you are considering replacing your home’s old windows for newer ones, you have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to window types, styles, and frame materials. One of the most popular are vinyl windows. Over 60% of homeowners opt for replacement vinyl windows because of the many benefits this type of window has.

What Are Vinyl Windows

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Replacement vinyl windows are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), an inexpensive, manmade material that is easy to mould and shape. Ultraviolet light stabilizers are added to the PVC compound so sunlight cannot break down the vinyl material over time. Vinyl windows were first introduced onto the market in the 1970’s when window installation companies were looking for ways to construct custom-designed window frames at more affordable prices.

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In the earlier years, vinyl window replacement materials looked like plastic so it was easy to differentiate the vinyl window frame from wooden or aluminum frames. But over the years, the PVC frames have been designed with a more sophisticated look so they no longer have a cheap plastic appearance.

Why Vinyl Replacement Windows

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Today’s vinyl window frames come in attractive styles and colours to provide a superior aesthetic look to your home. Once installed, the window upgrade will dramatically increase the curb appeal of your home. PVC is an easy material to mould, shape, and colour so vinyl window frames can be designed and painted to match your home’s exterior façade while complimenting your own personal tastes.

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Another attractive feature of vinyl windows is that they are virtually maintenance free and can last over 20 years. Unlike other window frame materials, PVC frames can withstand severe weather changes so your home is better protected. Vinyl windows do not need annual maintenance like painting or sanding to maintain their look. The no fuss, no muss qualities have helped increase the vinyl window frames popularity because most homeowners do not want to have to worry about damage or erosion occurring to their window frames over time.

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Unlike other window frame materials, replacement vinyl windows do not crack, warp, contract, or expand so they will never develop gaps between your frame or your wall. Vinyl windows never expand beyond your opening size so your windows will never stick when you are trying to open them.

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When replacement vinyl windows were first introduced, they only came in standard white frames. Today, replacement vinyl windows are light weight and can come in different colours and styles. No matter what shape, size, or style of house you own, vinyl windows will add to the interior and exterior beauty of your home.

Energy Efficiency and Vinyl Windows

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Vinyl windows have superior energy efficiency qualities. The solid material seals the air in your home so heat cannot escape. The hollow cavities between the warm-edge spacers in vinyl window frames are filled with insulators which makes this type of window thermally superior to the other window frame types.

Unlike other materials, PVC frames have a low conductivity rate so they do not transfer heat into your home as quickly as other vinyl window frames. This reduces heat loss so it is easier and less costly to maintain a comfortable temperature in your room.

Vinyl Window Prices

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One of the biggest reasons most customers choose vinyl window replacements is because of their price. Vinyl windows are one of the most affordable and cost effective frame available. On average, vinyl window installations will cost between $150 to $1,175 per window. Of course, there are other considerations that will impact the total cost of your vinyl window replacements as well. The size and type of windows, number of panes, and thickness of glass all effect the price. Other factors that affect your replacement vinyl window costs include materials, labour, insurance, permits, and other additional window replacement fees. For example, if there is damage to the window area that needs repairing or if you are changing the size of your new window from the original frame cost, this will also affect the total cost of your vinyl window prices.

Vinyl Window Installation

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Windows are one of the most important features of your home so any vinyl window installation should always be done by a professional window company. Poorly installed windows can lead to other issues and damages which could cost you a lot in immediate and future repair bills.

Installing new vinyl windows in your home is a big expense so it is important to find the right contractor to do the job. When looking for a reputable contractor, do not be afraid to ask questions.

Warranty and Liability Insurance

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Before signing any contract to have someone install your new vinyl windows, find out what type of warranty and liability insurance they offer. Any time a home renovation is done, there is always a small chance something could go wrong. Even the best contractors can have mishaps once in a while so it is important that the company you hire has good liability insurance to cover any unexpected events. Without the insurance coverage, you could find yourself with unwanted damages and repair bills.

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Many window companies offer warranties on their product and labour. Find out if the windows and labour are covered under a warranty and, if so, for how long. If the windows or installation are not covered under a warranty, you could face unexpected repair bills should issues arise after the vinyl window frames are installed.

Check Customer Reviews

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In every job and industry, there are one or two bad apples who provide poor services and products or overinflated prices. You do not want to unknowingly hire someone who is going to do shoddy work, over charge you, or take your money and run before the work is complete. To protect yourself, always research the company you are hiring first. There are several websites available online where customers can do to review their vinyl window installation company. Take some time to read all the reviews – good and bad – to see what customers are saying about the different window companies.

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Keep in mind, reviews are not always about the work done by the company or product. They can also cover a range of other issues including time delays, costs, housing issues, customer expectations, or other factors that may or may not be within the contractor’s control. Read all reviews objectively. Some may apply to your situation while others do not but they will give you an idea on the type of company, service, and product you are offered.

Know When You Need Permits

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Not all vinyl window installations require permits to complete the work. If you are replacing an old window with a new one the same size, you will not need a permit to replace your old window. Permits are needed if your home needs to be modified to install the new window. If you are adding a bigger or smaller window to the original space, you will need a permit for your vinyl window installation. If you are converting a window into a door, you will also need a permit before starting the work. If you do require permits to modify your existing window openings, find out if the company you are hiring will oversee getting the permits or if you will be responsible for that. At CanPro Windows and Doors, we can answer all your questions about permits and, if you need one for your vinyl windows, we will make sure all the proper paperwork is in place before starting any work.

Written Quotes and Transparent Costs

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Always get at least three to four quotes on your vinyl window prices and labour before hiring a contractor. As a consumer, you want the best price for the materials and labour. The quotes should also be transparent so all expenses are clearly outlined. Without a written quote, you could face unexpected or hidden fees that can raise the price of the work to far more than you expected. At CanPro Windows and Doors, we provide free written quotes on all our products, materials, and labour. We offer competitive and transparent pricing on all our vinyl window installation services.

Vinyl Window Pros and Cons

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Vinyl windows have many benefits. The cost-effective, energy efficient windows will last over 20 years once installed and require minimal maintenance. The durable frames withstand all weather types to keep unwanted moisture, air, and insects out of your home. Vinyl window frames are highly attractive and come in a variety of sizes. All materials used to make vinyl windows are 100% recyclable so they can be recycled and repurposed.

The biggest criticism about vinyl windows is that the PVC frame is made using environmentally unfriendly chemicals and additives. This is especially concerning for some when making and recycling the windows because chemical compounds can be released in the air.

If you are planning to upgrade your windows, our expert professionals CanPro Windows and Doors can help you choose the prefect vinyl windows for your home.

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