Triple Pane Windows vs. Double Pane – Buying Guide

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Adding new energy efficient windows to your house will not only increase your home’s curb appeal and resale value, but the right windows will also improve the air quality and temperature control inside your home. When it’s time to replace your old or damaged windows with newer, more energy efficient models, there are many options to consider including how many glass panes to get. The most common are double or triple pane windows. If you are wondering which type is better suited for your home, we can help take the guess work out of your decision.

What are Double and Triple Pane Windows?

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The word pane means the sheet of glass in the window. Double pane windows have two sheets of glass while 3 pane windows have three sheets. Each pane of glass is separated from each other with securely sealed spacers and high quality sealers to ensure moisture and unwanted air flows cannot seep through.

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Because triple pane windows have an additional layer of glass, they are considerably heavier than double pane windows. Because of their design and structure, some older houses might not support the weight of the 3 pane windows. Always seek advise and recommendations from a professional window installer first when replacing your old single pane windows with triple or double pane glass.

Noise Reduction

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Triple pane windows will reduce noise only slightly better than double pane glass because they have an extra layer of glass and insulation. When tested, the difference between triple and double pane glass windows and noise reduction was only 0.5 decimals. For most homeowners, noise levels should not be a big factor when choosing triple or double pane windows.

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However, if you live in a high noise area, triple pane windows only will likely not be enough to reduce the noise volumes in your area. For really noisy places, like near an airport, high traffic area, or construction zones, you will need specialized soundproof glass windows to decrease the noise levels. If you need windows that reduce loud noise volumes, talk to us at CanPro Windows and Doors about noise reduction glass and frame options to maximize your replacement window’s sound reducing qualities.

Triple Paned Insulation

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To fill in the spaces between the panes, gas is used because it is a better insulator. Argon or Krypton gases are most commonly used between the window panes because they are odourless, colourless, and non-toxic. While Argon is cheaper and more readily available, Krypton has better insulating qualities.

Each glass pane is also coated with a low-emissivity or Low-E coating to improve its energy efficiency. All triple and double pane windows in Canada are made with this Low-E coating.

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R Value, also called R Factor, measures the amount of heat resistance in the glass or how much external heat can seep into your home. When comparing double pane vs triple pane windows, two window panes have an R Value of 3 to 3.8 whereas the triple pane windows R Value is 7 to 8.

U Values or thermal insulation measure heat loss trough the frames of your window. Triple pane windows have better thermal insulation than double pane glass so less escapes from your home.

How are Triple Pane Windows Better Than Double Pane?

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Triple pane windows are naturally more energy efficient than two pane windows and are better designed to maintain your home’s air quality and interior temperature. Over time, 3 pane windows can reduce your energy bills by an average of 2-3% annually. Triple glass pane windows are also better for the environment because they maintain better air quality consistently in your home so less energy is needed to heat or cool your house throughout the year.

This is especially important if you live in a region with extreme climate changes. The difference between triple and double glass panes are considerably more noticeable in extremely cold places.

How Much Do Triple Pane Windows Cost?

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On average, triple pane windows cost between $150 to over $4,500 depending on the size, thickness of glass, and type of window. When it comes to purchasing 3 pane windows, you can choose from sliders, single or double hung, bow windows, bay windows, picture windows, casement, or awning windows, and custom-made.

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Other costs to consider when purchasing triple pane windows include labour, other materials, any additional repairs, or adjustments needed on your home before installing the windows, and other materials.

If you are replacing an old window, with a newer, more energy efficient window the same size, you will not require permits or additional construction labour and materials to install your new windows.

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However, if you are planning to add bigger or smaller triple pane windows to your existing space, you will need a permit because you will be making changes to the structure of your home. Up or downsizing your windows will also increase the cost of your triple pane window installation.

Are Triple Pane Windows Worth the Money?

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When considering double pane vs triple pane for your home, the price of glass pane replacement varies greatly depending on the size, type, style, number of windows being installed, and other features. On average, triple pane windows will cost 10 to 15 % more than two glass pane windows and are considerably heavier than dual panes. Double pane windows can cost $300.00 or more for one window while triple pane can cost $850.00 or more.

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When deciding whether to buy double or triple pane windows, there are a few other considerations to think about as well. Where you live, the condition of your home, the type of room, and direction your room faces will also determine what type of windows are best suited for your house.

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Regions that are prone to colder winter seasons would benefit more from triple pane windows because they have a higher insulating benefits than double pane glass so they will keep your home warmer without losing air. Depending on where you live, triple pane can save you approximately three percent or more annually on your heating bill.

Regions where seasonal temperatures are less extreme throughout the year will likely not notice a significant difference between double pane glass and triple panes. When considering new window pane installation, talk to us at CanPro Windows and Doors first. We will provide all the information you need to make the best decision that best suits your home and budget.

Should You Get Double or Triple Pane Windows?

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Whether to choose triple or double pane window replacements depends on few factors including weather, budget, home’s structural integrity, and personal choices. Triple pane windows cost considerably more and are heavier than double pane windows. When deciding on which type of window to install, it is important to look at your budget and how many windows you plan to replace in your home. If you are installing several windows at once, you will have to decide if it is more manageable financially to opt for two pane or triple pane windows.

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Weather also plays a big role when it comes to choosing the right type of windows for your home. For those living in regions where winter temperatures can be extremely cold, the insulating benefits of 3 pane windows will be more noticeable in your home and wallet. Your home will be warmer and you will save more money having triple pane windows installed so the long term savings will quickly surpass the cost of triple pane window replacements.

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However, if you live in a region where your seasonal temperatures are not as extreme or drastic from one month to the next, it is unlikely that you will notice a big difference in your home’s temperature or your energy bills. In these regions, double pane windows would be considered more suitable.

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As mentioned, triple glass panes are considerably heavier than two pane windows. While the weight difference will not be as drastic in small window sizes, it is very noticeable the bigger your windows are. If you live in an older home, you will have to have an expert inspect your home to make sure the structural integrity of your home can support the additional weight of a triple pane window. At CanPro Windows and Doors, we are experts in window replacements and are experienced in installing windows in buildings of all shapes, styles, ages, and construction designs.

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Before deciding whether to get double panes vs triple panes, discuss all your options with one of our professional technicians. We can go through you’re your home, budget, and needs to help you choose the perfect type of new window installation for your home. At CanPro Windows and Doors, we have over ten years experience providing superior window replacement and installation services in the Greater Toronto and surrounding areas. We are a fully licensed, insured window installation company that offers the highest level in products and services.

Contact us today for your free estimate on all your double and triple pane window installation needs.

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