Weather in Canada is unpredictable. It can go from timid to torrential in a matter of minutes. That’s why you need storm doors that you can trust to keep out wind, rain, and snow.

Choosing the right storm door comes down to several important features such as ventilation, visibility, and ease of use between seasons.


How To Choosea Right Storm Door?

  • Design – CANPRO prides itself on offering the latest door technology and design. Die-cast corners reinforce durability and strength, giving your home added protection. We offer storm door options that are both modern or classic.
  • Windows – Having a beautiful view is one of the benefits of storm doors. Our doors are constructed using 3-millimetre thick tempered glass which not only lets you enjoy the outdoors but provides exceptional protection against breakage.
  • Cleaning – Storm doors stand up to everything nature has to offer. Having a frame and window that is easy to maintain and clean is important.
  • Weather – Tough weather stripping provides added protection against wind, rain, and snow all year round.


Customize Your Storm Doors

Don’t forget that your storm doors are just as customizable as other doors for your home. Choose the colour, windows, and hardware accents that add to the beauty of your home.
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