Egress Windows

Egress windows ensure that you have an exit route form your bedroom, attic, or basement living spaces. Any room in your home where people sleep requires an egress window be installed. However, just because there is a window in that area, does…

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Window Replacement Cost

Replacing windows is a worthwhile upgrade, that will increase resale value of the property, aesthetic appeal, and improve energy efficiency. Window replacement costs vary depending on the type and size of window. There are several different types of window to choose…

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Understanding Energy Efficiency Windows

If you are considering upgrading or replacing your old home windows, installing high efficiency windows will not only better protect your home from unwanted external elements, but they will lower your energy bill. To make the best decision in window replacement…

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Brick to Brick vs Retrofit

It’s no secret that high-quality, energy-efficient windows offer a lot of potential benefits and savings to homeowners. But it might not always be clear whether to go with a full replacement or a retrofit.

First, a distinction: A full replacement means the entire window frame…

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With its unique blend of style, performance and convenience, CANPRO has become the most popular window frame material today. High-quality CANPRO windows are designed to deliver return on investment through energy savings and by enduring year after year without the need to repair or…

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